Gordon B. Garrett
Funeral Home

Todd C. Garrett, Supervisor
303 North Washington Street
Titusville, PA 16354
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Funeral Home

Jayce E. Pertz, Supervisor
203 East Main Street
Titusville, PA 16354
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Phone: 814-827-2631
Member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes
Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home is a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes.


At Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home, we are dedicated to provide a dignified service to people of all walks of life and all religious faiths at fair prices. Our goals are to be sensitive and considerate to your specific needs.
We are reliable and trustworthy professionals that realize our services are not over when the funeral is over. We help our families with the many tasks that follow any funeral service. Some of these include filing for social security benefits, insurance claim forms and veterans benefits.
Our facilities, personality and experience have been the foundation for our years of success as well as our continuing community support.

Obituaries and Words of Condolence

For a full list of obituaries, please visit our obituaries page. Here you can also submit condolences which we will forward along to the appropriate family.